Gibberellic Acid CAS 77-06-5

Short Description:

Product Name

Gibberellic acid



Chemical formula


Molar mass

346.37 g/mol

Melting point

233 to 235 °C (451 to 455 °F; 506 to 508 K)

Solubility in water

5 g/l (20 °C)

Dosage Form

90%、95%TC, 3%EC……


25KG/Drum, or as Customized requirement



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Product Description

Gibberellic acid is high quality Plant Growth Regulator,it is white crystalline powder.It can soluble in alcohols, acetone, ethyl acetate, sodium bicarbonate solution and pH6.2 phosphate buffer, difficult to dissolve in water and ether.Gibberellic acid can be used safely in cosmetics.It can promote crop growth, mature early, improve quality and increase yield.Use in the skin products can inhibit the production of melanin, so that the skin color nevus spots like freckles whitening and whitening skin.


1. Promote the formation of fruiting or seedless fruits. During the flowering period of cucumbers, spray a 50-100mg/kg solution once to promote fruiting and yield increase. After 7-10 days of grape flowering, the rose scented grape is sprayed with 200-500mg/kg liquid once to promote the formation of seedless fruits.

2. Promote nutritional growth of celery. Spray leaves with 50-100mg/kg solution once 2 weeks before harvesting; Spraying spinach leaves 1-2 times 3 weeks before harvest can increase the stem and leaves.

3. Break dormancy and promote sprouting of potatoes. Soak the tubers in 0.5-1mg/kg solution for 30 minutes before sowing; Soaking barley seeds with 1mg/kg of medicinal solution before sowing can promote germination.

4. Anti aging and preservation effects: Soak the base of garlic sprouts with 50mg/kg solution for 10-30 minutes, spray the fruits with 5-15mg/kg solution once during the green fruit stage of citrus, soak the fruits with 10mg/kg solution after banana harvesting, and spray the fruits with 10-50mg/kg solution before cucumber and watermelon harvesting, all of which can have a preservation effect.

5. During the vernalization stage of flowering chrysanthemums, spraying leaves with 1000mg/kg of medicinal solution, and during the bud stage of Cyclamen persicum, spraying flowers with 1-5mg/kg of medicinal solution can promote flowering.

6. Improving the seed setting rate of Hybrid rice production generally starts when the female parent is 15% heading, and it is treated with 25-55mg/kg liquid spray for 1-3 times at the end of 25% heading. First use low concentration, then use high concentration.


1. Gibberellic acid has low water solubility. Before use, dissolve it with a small amount of alcohol or Baijiu, and then add water to dilute it to the required concentration.

2. Crops treated with gibberellic acid have an increase in infertile seeds, so it is not advisable to apply pesticides in the field.


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