Naa 1-Naphthaleneacetic Acid 98% TC

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Product Name Naphthylacetic Acid
CAS No. 86-87-3
Appearance White powder
Specification 98%TC
Chemical formula C12H10O2
Molar mass 186.210 g·mol−1
Solubility in water 0.42 g/L (20 °C)
Packing 25KG/Drum, or as Customized requirement
Cerificate ISO9001
HS Code 2916399016

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Naphthylacetic acid is a kind of synthetic plant hormone.White tasteless crystalline solid.It is widely used in agriculture for various purposes.For cereal crops, it can increase tiller, increase the heading rate.It can reduce the cotton buds, increase the weight and improve the quality,can make the fruit trees bloom, prevent fruit and increase production,make the fruits and vegetables prevent falling flowers and promote root growth.It has almost no toxocity against mammals,and has no effect on Public Health.


1. Naphthylacetic acid is a plant growth regulator that promotes plant root growth and is also an intermediate of naphthylacetamide.

2. Naphthylacetic acid is used as a plant growth regulator and in medicine as a raw material for nasal eye cleaning and eye clearing.

3. NAPHTHYLACETIC ACID can promote cell division and expansion, induce the formation of adventitious roots, increase fruit setting, prevent fruit drop, and change the ratio of female to male flowers.

4. Naphthylacetic acid can enter the plant body through the tender epidermis and seeds of leaves and branches, and is transported to the site of action along with nutrient flow. Usually used in wheat, rice, cotton, tea, mulberry, tomato, apple, melon, potato, forest, etc.



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