High Quality Insecticide Esbiothrin 93% TC

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Product Name Esbiothrin
CAS No. 84030-86-4
Appearance Liquid
MF C19H26O3
MW 302.41
Boiling Point 386.8℃
Density 1.05g/mol
Packing 25KG/Drum, or as Custimised requirement
Certificate ICAMA, GMP
HS Code 2918300017

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Insect killer Insecticide Es-biothrinis an organic chemical housefly killer pyrethroid insecticide with a broad spectrum of activity, acting by contact and characterized by a strong knock-down effects.Es-biothrinis active on most flying and crawling insects, in particular mosquitoes, flies, wasps, horners, cockroaches, fleas, bugs, ants, etc.Es-biothrinis widely used in the manufacture of insecticide mats, mosquito coils and liquid emanators,Es-biothrincan be used alone or combined with another insecticide, such as Bioresmethrin, Permethrin or Deltamethrin and with or without a Synergist(Piperonyl butoxide) in solutions.

Toxicity: Acute oral LD50to rats 784mg/kg.

Application: It has powerful killing action and its knocking down action to insects such as mosquitoes, lies,etc. is better than tetramethrin. With suitable vapor pressure, it is applied for coil, mat and vaporizer liquid.

Proposed Dosage: In coil, 0.15-0.2% content formulated with certain amount of synergistic agent; in electro-thermal mosquito mat, 20% content formulated with proper solvent, propellant, developer, antioxidant, and aromatizer; in aerosol preparation, 0.05%-0.1% content formulated with lethal agent and synergistic agent.




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